“We had such a great experience with PrepareFirst. I was so impressed with how much time and personal attention we received. The home inspection helped me think through all the things that our very busy 8 month old could (and would) get into. The installation of our new safety products was so easy, and it really does look great. It's hard to tell that things have been childproofed. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with this company. I highly recommend this service to anyone with a young child.”
- Jon & Meg Anderson (Atlanta, Georgia)
“We had heard of PrepareFirst from a friend and then I read the great review of the company in the WALL STREET JOURNAL so I felt comfortable calling them to assist with baby proofing our home. They did a very thorough job of assessing our home and gave us a comprehensive report. We did not feel pressure to purchase any of the suggested items. The PrepareFirst team did a great job of installing all the items and explaining how they worked. In addition, they showed us how to properly install our car seat. They were always very responsive. I also took a child/infant CPR course and was very pleased with what was taught. I would definitely recommend PrepareFirst and have done so numerous times.”
- Amy & Ben Tolchinsky (Atlanta, Georgia)
“We are having such a great experience with PrepareFirst. The initial consultation was such an education for me. It is a relief to have all of the hazards listed out for you in only a short time. After choosing all of the childproofing for our 10 month old, the team came in and installed a big job in a short period of time, while also answering all of my "new mommy" questions, listening to my concerns, AND helping me install our new carseat. I feel like I received very personal attention and I know that our son is in as safe an environment as a wild toddler can be in. Thank you so much PrepareFirst!”
- Robin & Eric Knauer (Atlanta, GA)
“I have had an excellent experience with PrepareFirst! I feel very comfortable allowing my 13 month old to have complete access to my home. The company did an amazing job in analyzing my home and pin pointing out all the trouble areas. I received my full home report the same evening as the visit. PrepareFirst really takes all the guess work out of baby proofing. They truly have great knowledge of how to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing home environment!”
- Stacy Hagemann (Smyrna, Georgia)
“PrepareFirst's level of service, professionalism, and care is superb. They devised innovative ways to protect our children when the peril seemed difficult to protect against. They also identified dangers we never knew were present in our home. The products we received are very safe and many seem unavailable through ordinary channels. They are also aesthetically attractive which is important to me because I am extremely particular about my home. Many of the products are installed on the interior of surfaces and are not visible. This is all accomplished at an astonishingly modest price!”
- Ben & Sarah Cohen (Atlanta, Georgia)
“This was my second house to "baby proof" so I thought I knew what had to be done. PrepareFirst came and pointed out hazards I had not thought of. Considering my 2nd daughter gets into EVERYTHING, I'm relieved they were so thorough. We are very pleased with the quality of work, and PrepareFirst was very pleasant to have around the house each time! Thanks for your diligence and professionalism.”
- Heather Lober (Roswell, Georgia)
“We are alot saner now that we have superior safety at home. I am an interior designer and was concerned about safety products looking unsightly. I am very impressed with the professional approach and seamless installation that has been performed on our home. Very worth the investment along with peace of mind that our baby is safe to roam around our apartment in a danger free zone.”
- Kim Meltzer (Atlanta, Georgia)
“I love working with PrepareFirst! They are professional, courteous and do a great job. I have used them several times and will continue to do so when further child-proofing/safety measures are needed. A concern I had before using this company was that I needed my home to be safer for my children but did not want the appearance of my house to be compromised; I did not want the child-proofing to be obvious. Well, my home is now much safer (a huge relief) and it still looks good! All items and labor are competitively priced and I get the piece of mind knowing that everything has been installed properly. I HIGHLY recommend this company!”
- Patty Gessner (Atlanta, Georgia)
“PrepareFirst has been a lifesaver to us, and I truly don't know what we would've done without them. Our house is so safe now for our little boy to explore without harming himself, and I don't feel like we had to sacrifice beauty for safety. The staff at PrepareFirst is extremely knowledgeable and has amazing customer service, and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. I am so glad that I hired them!!!”
- Lauren & Chip Kelso (Atlanta, Georgia)
“My husband and I have very busy young twin boys, and thanks to PrepareFirst's help in safety proofing our home we can relax knowing we have a very safe environment for them to live & play in. They were able to provide us with several options regarding style and price point while also meeting a few "custom" requirements. When it comes to your child's safety, PrepareFirst always has a solution!”
- Angela & Fred Bromenschenkel (Atlanta, Georgia)
“We are thoroughly pleased with all the work we had done by PrepareFirst. The PrepareFirst crew was courteous, professional and fast. We especially love how they customized the gates to fit in with the decor of the stairs and fireplace. Also, the products are extremely sturdy, much more so than anything store bought. We would highly recommend PrepareFirst to anyone.”
- Lori & Ken Bonifay (Norcross, Georgia)
“I am very pleased with the products and installation the PrepareFirst team provided. The initial assessment was thorough and the installation process was timely. The company is excellent about following up if there are any issues that need to be dealt with at a later date. I would highly recommend this company-- it is so much easier watching our little ones now that the house is safer.”
- Diana Duemig (Smyrna, Georgia)
“Many thanks to PrepareFirst for their knowledge and caring for the safety of our children. PrepareFirst offers a very valuable service, especially for hard-to-find safety items or difficult installations.”
- Joy Hunt (Canton, Georgia)
“We were thrilled to have the PrepareFirst team outfit our house!! They did a fantastic job from start to finish. The evaluation of the house was thorough and easy to understand so we were able to pick and choose what we thought was necessary based on our needs. The installation was fantastic - the installer was so nice and took his time with each device and then explained it all to us! We have loved the peace of mind knowing that our children or any friends' children will not be getting into anything that they shouldn't. Thanks so much - we are so glad that we found you!!”
- Matthew & Tricia Gephardt (Atlanta, Georgia)
“Thanks for always being there when I call!!! You have made my home very secure and I'm so confident with all of your products. Thanks for making yourself so available and helping me childproof my house in stages as my child has grown. I honestly can't thank you enough for taking such special care of our family. I've shared your products and services with all of our friends.”
- Christel & Ben Giles (Atlanta, Georgia)
“PrepareFirst effectively helped us childproof our home. The in-home consultation identified many risks that we would never have recognized. On top of that, we learned how to better install our car seats (even though we had been to the fire department and other free clinics). PrepareFirst supplied and installed all of the childproofing devices. The installation services were top notch and exhibited a careful attention to detail to ensure they looked as nice as possible in our home.”
- Randall & Tiffany Duncan (Dunwoody, Georgia)
“Rob Carter was extremely reliable and efficient. All of his recommendations were in line with what we needed and he obviously knows a lot about keeping families safe while at the same time preserving some semblance of normalcy in the house. We would definitely recommend the company to anyone trying to keep their young children safe!!”
- Carrie & Jeffrey Leavitt (Atlanta, Georgia)
“Thanks to PrepareFirst, I feel comfortable letting my twin 1.5-yr-olds play around our house. With two babies to watch over, it's nice to have the peace of mind that our house is safe. Rob Carter's experience shows in his detailed work and thoroughness. I would recommend PrepareFirst to anyone with small children. We all know that accidents happen, but at least I know I have done what I can to avoid any major ones from happening in our home.”
- Jodi & Jeff Firestone (Atlanta, Georgia)
“Great service and great people to work with. We are very pleased with the equipment and excellent installation. We will definitely use Prepare First again in the future!”
- Tucker & Julie Greene (Atlanta, Georgia)
“We had a great experience with PrepareFirst! They made the safety proofing of our home so easy. The safety consultation was very comprehensive. We really liked how the feedback was presented so that we could see what items were recommended for each room as well as the price (uninstalled and installed). We were able to use this list to see what we were comfortable buying and installing ourselves and what we'd prefer to have PrepareFirst do. We had PrepareFirst put up our gates for the stairs and magnetic locks in the kitchen. Their work was well done as well as efficient. We aren't too 'handy' and loved that someone could help us out with this important task. With an active 15 month old, we now have greater peace of mind that she is going to be safe in our home. I'd recommend PrepareFirst to anyone looking for help with baby-proofing their home.”
- Tyce & Kathy Miller (Atlanta, Georgia)
“Excellent to work with! The PrepareFirst team was extremely professional, and also very friendly to my toddler son :). They installed magnet locks on all of our kitchen & bathroom drawers & cabinets, and we're very happy with the work. They suggested a few other safety features, some of which we installed. I felt like they were giving us good recommendations, but not using 'scare tactics' (a few things they recommended we do were actually free - ex. moving a chair in front of an outlet). I'd recommend PrepareFirst to any friend with a young child or baby on-the-way.”
- Jackie Isaacson (Atlanta, Georgia)
“We had a great experience with the company. I have referred PrepareFirst to everyone I know who is getting ready for the great task of babyproofing. They perform an incredibly thorough assessment of your home and your car seat, and then email an extensive itemized list of recommendations for babyproofing your home. The report includes prices for parts alone or parts with labor, so you can choose to do some tasks on your own, or have PrepareFirst do it if your husband is like mine and promises to do more than he can actually complete! The work is high quality, has never failed us, and if something needs to be adjusted, they are readily available to return to our home and fix it. Baby gates at the top of stairs can give a false sense of security and pose a great danger to a child if they are not installed correctly, but ours are very securely in place, and did not require drilling any holes into the wooden banister. I wouldn't trust this job to anyone else!”
- Karina & Josh Belinfante (Sandy Springs, Georgia)
“We were pleased with the very thorough and helpful report, and with the very high quality installation of our baby gates.”
- Cliff Stanford (Atlanta, Georgia)
“We found Prepare First very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They saved us a lot of time and energy by "worrying" on our behalf, and we simply chose to do and install what mattered most to us. In addition, we had what we thought was a difficult stairway situation that would make baby gates difficult to install. They took one look at our layout and said, "no problem." They were right!”
- Christine Q (Atlanta, Georgia)
“We have been nothing but pleased with the work that PrepareFirst did in our home. The installer was professional and knowledgeable, and he did a great job babyproofing our home. We have recommended PrepareFirst to all our friends that are new parents.”
- Moona & Patrick Elsevier (Atlanta, Georgia)
“We have had an outstanding experience with PrepareFirst. They have been a pleasure to work with, and the products that were installed to keep our family safe have been easy to use and are also very unobtrusive visually. We would highly recommend PrepareFirst to any family or organization interested in safety products.”
- Mike & Angela Paul (Atlanta, Georgia)


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