State-of-the-Art Technology

We serve our clients using our own proprietary software known as “PrepareWare.” The technology constitutes such an innovation in safety that it was awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The software helps ensure that we perform our  work consistently, thoroughly, and efficiently.  This translates into exceptional service and far better safety results for our clients at much lower cost.

Wisdom & Experience

Our work for your family is informed by many years of experience as parents, business people and professionals in the field of safety.  We have “been there and done that” regarding countless of the issues confronted by the average family. When you hire PrepareFirst, you can expect to receive an exceptional level of thoughtfulness and common sense.

Training & Certification

There is a significant difference between offering “safety services” or “babyproofing” and being a true professional. Our staff possesses the highest levels of training available in our field, and we take very seriously our commitment to excellence by being certified in areas of importance to our clients.

Our company has 2 individuals fully certified by the IAFCS (International Association for Child Safety). Both Rob Carter and Gene Rice have earned their CPC (Certified Professional Childproofer®) certifications, which necessitate years of experience and the passing of an exam covering a rigorous safety industry curriculum.

Product Knowledge

We are not an ordinary retailer of safety products masquerading as something more. We do our homework on what works and what doesn’t. Some safety products on the market are not worth purchasing at all. Some products work well, but only in certain situations. Some products won’t look good in your home if they are in a conspicuous area, whereas others you might choose would. Many solutions to common problems can be completely invisible!

Most people don’t have the time to sort through all of this. As a PrepareFirst client, you don’t have to. We want you to make the right choices about what to buy and help you both save money as well as achieve your safety goals in a very aesthetically pleasing manner. Quality, style and cost efficiency can go hand-in-hand!

Product Depth

Because we serve so many clients whose homes and needs are so different, it is ESSENTIAL that we stock an extremely wide variety of products. This means that we stay on top of what is available in the market, including all new products.

Employee Trustworthiness

We employ only persons of exceptional character – people you know you can trust having in your home and performing the important work of providing safety-related services for your family. We also go the “extra mile” of performing  background checks on all employees.

Prior career backgrounds of our staff include: firefighter, NASA engineer, American Red Cross instructor, Boy Scout troop leader, Georgia Guard Security Force member, residential construction finish manager, Habitat for Humanity manager, etc.

Attention to Detail

When dealing with matters of safety, attention to detail is critical. We “sweat the small stuff” for two reasons: 1) so you don’t have to, and 2) to ensure we are providing you the highest level of safety and service we can.


There is an old adage which says “you either have it or you don’t.”  This is especially true than in the area of home décor and product style.

It is not typically more expensive or difficult to have a safety solution be invisible or, if it has to be seen, look good in your home. It is simply a matter of knowing what’s “out there” or how to do the work in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

We pay tremendous attention to the attractiveness of our work, and the feedback we receive from our clients is clear indication of their satisfaction with the results!

Do-It-Yourself Support

We enthusiastically support our clients who have the desire and skills to do their own safety work.

For these families, we can add tremendous value to their efforts by providing as much or little assistance as they want re: advice, products and installation.

Our comprehensive in-home safety consultation can save D-I-Yers countless hours of frustration and dollars spent on safety solutions that aren’t the right choice for your home. All you may want is our advice. But if you want or need more, we’re here to support you with top quality products and installation services.


Client Feedback

We are very proud of the feedback we receive from our clients, and we work very hard to have highly satisfied customers. We invite you to review what others have said about their experience with us by visiting the Client Feedback area of our website.


We treat our work for you with the same degree of confidentiality that you would expect from a physician or an attorney. In performing our work, any information we gather about your home or your family is maintained in strict confidence.


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