Emergencies and large scale disasters – both natural and man-made – are a basic reality of life. While often we have little or no control over what has occurred, we DO have the ability to prepare in advance to achieve a positive outcome from a bad situation.

Being truly prepared for an emergency or disaster requires planning, attention to detail, and a certain amount of ongoing maintenance.

PrepareFirst offers a unique and comprehensive approach to helping families be ready for occurrences such as:


  • Cardiac arrest (heart attack)
  • Other major medical emergency
  • House fire
  • Car accident
  • Home intrusion/armed burglery
  • Widespread illness (pandemic)
  • Personal assault
  • Tornado or hurricane
  • Earthquake
  • Chemical, nuclear, or biological release

Whatever the situation, we can help you avoid injuries and preserve your home and other property. Our approach to emergency preparedness involves:


  • Development of a plan customized to the needs of your family
  • Identification of materials, equipment or other resources you should have on hand
  • Training
  • Supplying equipment
  • Putting in place a maintenance plan & schedule

PrepareFirst is a proud member of the National Safety Council (NSC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and we stay current on the latest developments in training, products, and techniques for emergency preparedness.


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