We take pride in offering you high quality installation of the safety products you choose. When ordering products that require installation, consider the following important benefits of having PrepareFirst perform the work:

Timing.  The goal of purchasing safety products is to reduce or eliminate risk. Sometimes, people purchase safety products with the intention of installing them themselves in a timely manner. However, delays often occur because of competing priorities, the complexity of certain installations, or other reasons. Our goal is for you to achieve your desired level of safety in a prompt, effective manner – regardless of whether we or you do the work. If you have us perform the installation, you can be assured of prompt completion of the work.

Quality.  Our installations are performed by persons knowledgeable about the products we sell. Our goal is for each product to be installed properly in order to maximize its effectiveness under normal use. We also want each product to blend into the appearance of your home as much as possible.

Warranty.  If any product we have installed should stop working properly under normal operating conditions, we will repair or replace it at NO CHARGE, FOR AS LONG AS YOU MAINTAIN THE ITEM IN PLACE.  We are committed to ensuring the safety measures we provide will stand the test of time to protect your family.

It is important to recognize that no product or installation is foolproof. While safety products may perform flawlessly indefinitely, at times equipment fails and things can go wrong. Our products and services are intended to assist in injury prevention, but in the end there is no substitute for due care and a watchful eye.

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