Never Throw Water on a Grease Fire

Grease fires are very common occurrences.

If you should find yourself confronted with a fire of this type, NEVER try to put the fire out by throwing water on it.  The grease is extremely hot and will instantly super-heat the water, causing an explosion that will spread the fire and can be very dangerous to you.

Also, never pick up a pan that has flaming contents.  It is easy to bump and spill the flaming grease, in which case the situation can quickly go from bad to worse.

To put out a grease fire, turn the burner off to eliminate the heat source and smother the fire to remove oxygen.  You can do the latter by:

1) Spraying the fire with a kitchen extinguisher.

2) Cover the pan with a pot lid (metal lids are better than glass for this purpose).

3) Carefully throw baking soda on the fire if it is handy.

Be prepared that you may not win the battle with a grease fire, and be ready to get out of the area.

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