Preventing Falls from Windows

Once a child is old enough to climb up to the level of a window, it’s important to ensure that windows in elevated areas are not able  to be opened higher than a height that is safe – typically about 4 inches.

The risk is frequently NOT that the child will open the window, although protecting against that makes sense for young children capable of doing so.  Most often, the problem arises from an adult in your home opening the window and not thinking about the risk to a small child.  It may not be you or your spouse.  It could be a caregiver, in-law or other guest in your home who is not accustomed to thinking about the issue.

There are numerous products on the market designed to keep children safe from a window-related fall.  Some are more effective than others, and not all will fit on all window types.  Whatever product you choose, make sure that if any “authorized” person had to open the window in a fire emergency, the latch can be quickly undone to allow for a quick exit.

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