At PrepareFirst, we understand that your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to you.

We are parents (and in some cases, grandparents) ourselves, and we have chosen to devote our professional lives to helping you protect what matters most – the well-being of your family.

Our recommendations to our clients represent a deep understanding of family safety issues. Our knowledge is the result of in-depth research, extensive training and certification, and years of experience as professionals in the field of health and safety. We care deeply about using our expertise to benefit your family.

We also understand your desire to be cost effective in the process of keeping your family safe. Our solutions are designed to minimize expense through careful planning and, when necessary, creative problem solving.

In considering the importance of your family’s safety, EXPERIENCE MATTERS!

Safety in and around the home obviously applies to children of ALL ages. From infants to teenagers, PrepareFirst helps identify and address safety risks in ways that minimize cost and help keep children safe, comfortable, and independent. We look at the field of safety for children in 2 general categories: Young Child Safety and Older Child Safety.


Young Child Safety

Children need a safe environment in which to live, play and learn.

The safety risks for infants who aren’t yet mobile are relatively few in number but obviously very important to address.  Car seat safety tops the list.  Conditions in and around the crib need to be carefully considered, as do any eating, bathing and play areas.  Subsequently, as children grow and explore, their ability to identify hazards develops and improves.  They learn progressively how to protect themselves.  As they expand their horizons, it’s clearly impossible to protect a child from all hazards. We recognize that small bumps and bruises are part of life and that not all risks warrant attention.  That said, it is important to make ensure that “big bad” things don’t happen.  Most significant injuries are easily preventable with thoughtful planning and pro-active attention to detail.

In serving your family, PrepareFirst is proud to employ two IAFCS Certified Professional Childproofers (CPC) ® (Rob Carter and Gene Rice).  Achieving the CPC designation means that an individual has 1) logged years of significant experience in the field, 2) studied a comprehensive curriculum of safety information and business professionalism, and 3) passed a rigorous certification  examination.  The International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) is the industry association in which companies like ours hold membership with regard to child safety services.

Our Process

We come to your home at a time that’s convenient for your family.

Area by area, we review and discuss safety issues with you and gather information which we summarize in an extremely thorough written report you receive on the same day that we visit. You receive a comprehensive set of recommendations that are specific to your home and your family, including a list of the products or services that would assist you in addressing the risks we have identified. Our goal is to provide the expert advice you need to reduce or eliminate safety risks in your home. Some of these risks are obvious, but many may not be.

We offer as much or as little assistance as you would like in implementing the safety solutions you choose for your family.  For Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts, we can promptly supply the items you need from our extensive inventory of competitively-priced safety products. For those who prefer swift and warrantied installation by our professional installation team, we will promptly schedule the work for a day convenient to your family.

As soon as you’re ready to put your chosen safety measures in place – the same day or thereafter – we’re ready to help.

Our Goals for You:

You’re in Control.  When we come out to consult with you, we are not there to push products on you or make you feel like you’re bad parents if you don’t take all of our advice.  Ultimately, you have your own sense of risk, and you know your child and how you’re spending time in and around your home.  We help you focus on what’s important and make good decisions based on your own sensibilities.

Think Strategically and Save Money.  There are myriad ways to reduce risk at little or no expense.  If we provide advice to you over the phone – it’s FREE.  Beyond that, if we come to your home to conduct an in-home safety consultation, we charge a very reasonable fee for the extensive time we spend analyzing your safety needs and providing detailed advice about how to eliminate the safety risks we’ve identified, frequently at very low or no cost.

Childproof in Phases.  Why do any childproofing before you really need it?  The risks for children are different depending on their age.  Our safety report breaks down what is important to do at each stage of a child’s development so you can spread the expense out over time.

Keep Your Childproofed House Looking Beautiful!  We work hard to make safety measures invisible.  But, if they have to be seen, we want them to look good so your home is always attractive.


Older Child Safety

Older children face risks very different from those of younger children.  Their scope of activities is much greater, and their size, strength and developmental urge to “push the envelope” often results in unsafe behavior.

We work with families of older children to ensure that they: 1) do not have unsafe conditions present in their living space, 2) understand the variety of safety risks they should be mindful of based on their age, and 3) know what to do in common emergencies or situations which may call on their prompt action to avoid trouble.


Children with Special Needs

Visit our page regarding safety for children with physical or developmental challenges to learn more about how we can assist your family in this regard.


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